Oasis Core 22.2.9 Testnet announcement

Posted in Discord by @jernej

We have released Oasis Core 22.2.9 for TESTNET . This release contains some bug fixes related to the IAS proxy and the runtime P2P stack. The upgrade is non-breaking and can be performed at any time by replacing the oasis-node binary and restarting your node. All node operators on TESTNET are encouraged to upgrade. For more information and links to releases see the updated TESTNET network parameters (Testnet | Oasis Network Documentation). Thanks!

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Congratulations on the updates! It’s always inspiring to see the hard work and dedication of the developers! Thank you for the update

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I think this is a significant development. With EthCC coming up where the P4W3 hackathon will be launched, many developers will try to build new privacy-enabled dApps on Sapphire or leverage cross-chain privacy solutions via OPL, and they might first do a test drive with the testnet. To keep the testnet upgraded constantly is a very real need. Great work team!