Sapphire 0.4.0 and Oasis Core 22.2.6 Mainnet announcement

From Discord, posted by @jernej

We have released Sapphire 0.4.0 and Oasis Core 22.2.6 for MAINNET . This Sapphire release contains improvements to EVM compatibility. Any node operators running Sapphire on MAINNET please upgrade to Oasis Core 22.2.6 and update your node configuration to add the new version of Sapphire and restart your node in preparation of the upcoming MAINNET upgrade. See the updated MAINNET network parameters page for the link to the new releases: Mainnet | Oasis Network Documentation. Thanks!

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The information I’ve read about Oasis Core 22.2.6 and Sapphire 4.0 can’t possibly be true; nonetheless, the future has arrived. Although everything I’ve read and learned about this feels surreal, it’s actually occurring, and everything is so optimistic.