What are the benefits of the Oasis Network?

its one of the strong ,potential and strong grounded project i have seen in my entire life .it is the first privacy enebled blockchain . if we want to protect privacy we must know about this project and follow updates and other thing is its scalability , versitality ,interopability . and it is energy efficinet and it have a flexible consensus mechanism . low fee is the other advatage of oasis ,while comparing with ethereum gas fees is so low and with the help of paratime we can do so much things and transaction speed is greater and it is evm compactable , we can see it is decentralised .

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набор уже существующих смарт контрактов делает доступным блокчейн для многих разработчиков что в сочетании с технологией конфиденциальности даст сильный толчек для масштабируемости проекта

Solution in the blockchain trilemma