Oasis Monitor Overview

A blockchain explorer is a tool that allows users to view and search for information on a blockchain network, such as the Oasis Network. The Oasis Monitor explorer is a specific blockchain explorer for the Oasis Protocol provided by Everstake, a professional staking and infrastructure service provider.

Oasis Monitor provides a number of features and pages, including :point_down:

  • Home
    The home page of a blockchain explorer typically provides a summary of the network’s key metrics, such as ROSE price, market cap, trading volume, and circulating supply, all in one place.
  • Blocks
    The blocks page lists all the blocks that have been added to the blockchain and provides detailed information about each block, such as its height, hash, proposer, number of signatures, date, and time when the block was added.
  • Operations
    The operations page allows viewing all types of transactions of the Oasis Network (transfers, add/reclaim escrow (aka delegating / undelegating), register node - adding a node) and filtering them by date and type.
  • Validators
    The validators page allows users to check the validator’s uptime, total escrow balance, status (online/offline), number of delegators, fee, contact details, and social networks, which helps delegators to evaluate all the staking providers based on various criteria and choose a validator to delegate coins to.
  • Accounts
    The accounts page lists all the addresses on the blockchain and provides detailed information about each address, such as its balance, transaction history, and staking rewards, if any.
  • Stats
    The stats page displays stats in diagrams (escrow ratio, transfer volume, # of operations, # of accounts, fee volume, and top-10 voting power), which allows users to track the dynamics of the Oasis Network.

Oasis Monitor is the only source for ROSE stakers to track rewards (daily, weekly, monthly, and total rewards). To do this, you need to enter the wallet’s address in the search field and go to the “Rewards” tab.

In summary, the Oasis Monitor explorer is a helpful tool for anyone who wants to monitor the activity on the Oasis Network and get a better understanding of the network’s state and performance.


it’s very cool that there is such a browser, you can check all transactions, full transparency of the network! Thank you

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It is easy to use for me and really user friendly.

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I also enjoy using Oasis Monitor, it includes all the necessary data, has a clear interface, and helps a lot with analysis.

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