Clarity on Oasis Labs wallets?

Given the increased attention recently to proof of reserves after the FTX fallout, and the massive dependence of the Oasis Network’s development on a single party, I think it is reasonable to request an outline of the wallets/funds under the control of Oasis Labs/OPF. I know oasisscan doesn’t really have wallet labels like etherscan does, but it would be nice to know exactly where the “foundation endowment” tokens are as outlined in the Oasis Network primer. I’m thankful that Oasis Labs/Foundation avoided FTX contagion, but in general it’s nice to know the amount of runway a project has, especially in crypto when token prices are naturally volatile.


I have a question related to the wallet browser extension. Just wondering if this is the right place to ask. The header of this thread seems to suggest so.


I think your question warrants another thread, since nigrushka’s question is related to wallets of Oasis Labs itself (i.e. funds) and not a general question regarding wallets over all.

I would consider making a thread here: Product - Oasis Network

Thanks for your helpful suggestion. Will do so. Cheers!

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