I have oasis app question

I have been frozen funds on your app, I don’t know if that app was developed by you

It might help us if you wrote the name of the app :slight_smile:


is this related to oasis.app? That’s a different company But actually based on the screenshot I think this is something else, that I’ve never seen and not related to the oasis network. Not sure if the app is fake, or if something else happened, either way good luck getting help and fixing the situation.

Edit: I’m not with the Oasis team, I’m just a member of the community.

Someone pretended to be you and developed an app to scam me out of money

Ethervescent via Oasis Network <notifications@oasis.discoursemail.com> 于 2023年3月29日周三 09:34写道:

How stupid of me to believe a liar

杨龙 <a198511080812@gmail.com> 于 2023年3月29日周三 11:40写道:

I got scammed of my money

杨龙 <a198511080812@gmail.com> 于 2023年3月29日周三 11:41写道:

Darn, I’m sorry to read that. I hope it wasn’t a lot. If you’ve sent it via the consensus network, you can track the movements of your funds on https://oasisscan.com