Cross-chain grants for OPL dapps on home chain?

Looking at the major goals of the foundation going into 2023 for the Oasis Privacy Layer it is stated;
“Solidity developers across all EVM networks using Oasis as a privacy layer”

This is a great mindset especially as it focuses on improving existing dapps and new use cases utilizing confidential state and logic, rather than buying into i.e ZK and moving chain.

That said, I believe the current ecosystem grant model is flawed if the foundation wants to see OPL adoption outside of Sapphire as home chain.
Why is there not an OPL category on the ecosystem grant page?

The foundation needs to step out of their comfort zone and engage with other developer communities on other networks through some serious funding initiatives for EVM dapps that make use of OPL, rather than only those that build natively on sapphire/emerald.

Fund a project on avalanche or ethereum using OPL? The Oasis Ecosystem Fund should consider these efforts as part of the ecosystem!

While it might sound counter-intuitive at first to splash out money on other networks, it’s going to be very difficult to attract anyone to buidl with OPL in these harsh market conditions.

But the adaptable cross-chain privacy and EVM-agnostic approach in terms of how easy it will be for any EVM to utilize OPL, also unlocks the possibility to work directly with well-established and respected teams on other networks, rather than spending every penny getting valleyswap tier developers to migrate and build on sapphire.

Here are examples of how the foundation can promote OPL and support a cross-chain community of builders in 2023;

:hugs: A proper official grant/hackathon partnership with Binance Smart Chain (the ecosystem fund is backed by binance labs, make use of it!)
Why not offer builders on BSC $2-5m to integrate OPL features on BSC-native dapps? Would you rather splash another million on yuzu-swap?

:money_mouth_face: EVM-agnostic competition/bounty/hackathon for building/integrating games made possible with confidential state; dont limit it to sapphire-native ones!

…You get the point, or do you have any other suggestions?


Your suggestion makes sense and seems rather well thought out

I think leaders on the business side at Oasis should reach out to other chains as you say and push OPL hard

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Hey Opal (nice username btw :smile: )

Thanks for putting your idea forward. I think the Foundation will definitely be doubling down their efforts with getting other DApps from EVM chains to integrate confidentiality through the OPL. Networking with other developer communities is already something we’ve done in the past, but I’m sure we’ll further increase our presence going forward; purely because we now have something really cool to offer. Put simply, there isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t use the Oasis Privacy Layer :sunglasses:

I think your idea of running hackathons for this to take off is definitely one to consider :saluting_face:

P.S. Oasis had no association nor supported teams like ValleySwap. Our network is permissionless, thereby meaning anyone can build a Dapp :heart_hands:


Great idea! I was thinking about something like this too. Hopefully we see some big names decide to try the OPL, that would be so exciting!

I´m agree with you, the team have to make more things, maybe community Events, or try to be present in differents Hackathons could incentive to build on Oasis, I personally would also like to develop the health aspect of the oasis technology.