Oasis Network's ecosystem: a playground for blockchain wonders

:one: Privacy Powerhouse: Oasis Network’s confidentiality solutions like Sapphire runtime and OPL (Oasis privacy layer) are making waves in the blockchain and web3 space. Solidity developers are flocking to harness the power of privacy-enabled EVM building environments. It’s all about secure and customizable privacy for any EVM web3 dApp.

:two: Router Collaboration: Oasis and Router Protocol joining forces! :handshake: This collaboration brings the best of both worlds together. Oasis’ confidential features and functionalities combined with Router’s secure cross-chain interoperability framework create a recipe for success. Stay tuned for exciting developments!

:three: Developer Delight: Oasis Network offers a playground for developers to flex their skills. With a vibrant community, solid reputation, and cutting-edge tools, it’s a haven for those seeking to build innovative decentralized applications. Come and showcase your coding magic! :sparkles:

:four: Unleashing Potential: Oasis Network is all about pushing boundaries and unlocking new possibilities. It’s not just about the technology, but also the spirit of exploration and innovation. The future holds endless opportunities within this thriving ecosystem. Join the journey and unleash your potential!

Exciting times everyone. Please do share your thoughts, I can’t wait to jump in and start discussin’ Oasis ^^


I am especially stoked by the dApps we will get from the upcoming P4W3 hackathon. Registrations have been going on for a couple of months now, and in the upcoming community townhall, we will hear more about it. Developers building new dApps on Sapphire, or someone leveraging OPL solutions to level up their already-created dApp’s privacy features - it will be a veritable playground for blockchain wonders indeed.

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