NFTs in Oasis Network

Join the discussion about NFTs ecosystem…

Whats your feelings about NFTs right now in Oasis?

What you expect from NFTs in Oasis?

Confidentials NFTs are going to be a high qualitative improvement into NFTs ecosystem?

These are some topics that we can discuss and share some feelings…

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Hey SickPick.
Overall feelings of Oasis NFTs isn’t great at all. Let me give my 2cs.
Oasis NFTs do not have volume across the board and there is a lack of community would stay around and be active with either projects. If you see the top projets like Oasis Apes, AI ROSE, or even the likes of Pixel Oasis (the 1st non-official Oasis NFT) they all have died.
You can track the volume made by these NFTs on Metamirror.

Another problem that a lot of newcomers have noticed (and as well as some OGs of the Oasis NFT Space) is that Metamirror has changed its course from being all native Oasis to multi-chain.
This in itself a problem because initially, Metamirror was native to Oasis only until (we believe) they realised that there’s no movement within the Oasis NFT ecosystem.
There has been 2 projects that use Parcel tech/Confidential NFTs, however, even then, they are struggling since the community expects a lot for investing little to nothing into their projects.
Where do you expect to see growth with these projects if there’s no funding? Nowadays, funding happens when the community helps out and they do get something awesome in return however in Oasis it’s “what’s in it for us? What do I get for being here and not putting something in?”

This is a huge problem overall and nothing has been done the help alleviate this issue.

Confidential NFTs might be something new with their utilities however, with Oasis’ new upgrade to Sapphire, it seems to have shadowed these projects. We have 2 potential new Oasis NFT projects (Cyber ROSE - with a 7.7k supply) and Launch Garden.
Neither of them have managed to attract enough community members let alone bring in enough for their potential new launch in the near future.
If you see LG, they’re asking the community for ideas and monetising those ideas if it deems fit.

This is only the tip of the iceberg to why our NFT ecosystem is NOT doing well.


The entire NFT ecosystem took a big hit this bear market, even more so those on other ecosystems outside of ethereum, if you look at these they experienced a disproportionally big hit, like NFTs on SOL or AVAX.

I definelty think there is a lot of potential for Oasis NFTs but as of right now I do not think this is a good aspect of our ecosytem to focus in on-- ultimately $ROSE as a token will need more attention first and then we can look back into the NFT ecosystem.

I’m happy to keep creating Oasis themed art because I love everything that
is going on-- but I don’t think NFTs will have the volume or attention they deserve here yet!


I think that we need to change the mentality about NFTs projects, and ofc project owners.
99% of projects build in Oasis belong to an old era or trend, where projects had zero utility or grew on the basis of cooperation with third parties.
It’s necessary to give a real use to the confidential NFTs and take advantage of the possibilities offered by Oasis.

In addition, in difficult times like now, it’s necessary to promote Oasis’s possibilities in other communities, but the main thing is to offer a good project, with a lot of information and that the investor has no doubt about what it offers.

It’s not longer enough to create a project and publish the road map after mint.


I agree with you on most of the things you mention, my friend, the truth is that all this has been a great shame. I would really like to understand why this has happened. Has it been the Bear market, has it been the bull run? I remember when Oasis Apes was minted, the Oasis network was full of people, activity, confluence, community and suddenly with the entrance of the bear market the network experienced a vacuum like I personally had never experienced. Yes, it is true that other networks have also experienced a downturn, but only that, not that the whole world will directly disappear, so to speak, from the Oasis NFTs network. So, I throw questions into the air… Was it worth all the NFTs we previously acquired? Will they be of any use in the future? What you mention about confidential NFTs seems to have not quite come together, at least there is no clear utility or that it has been used in an attractive way. At the moment, the profits at Oasis are very low, and as you say, this is a fish that bites the coke, new investors come and don’t stay because the ecosystem is dead… A pity…


Yes, I got you. I have the same feelings but the bear market still is for nobody knows. I also think that the Oasis Blockchain has much potential in the future. Hopefully, the next bull market will let us be what we deserve as a technology and community.

On another hand, this art is created by you? Looks like beautiful style bro! Looks dope!

Are you thinking in launch an NFT collection based in Oasis?

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Thankyou so much! Yes I drew her, I (try to) post a couple images a week of her on my twitter

I would love to do an NFT, I had been working on one for Oasis and have the art completed but given the market downturn, the team decided it would be much better to postpone, so I have a finished one in the chamber.

That being said I would love to do something with Rose-tan as well , I see others with unofficial mascots, like avax or monero, and I think we deserve one too so I started drawing her.



rose-tan wins by being adorable.

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I was one of the earliest users of Metamirror, and it was the greatest experience I have ever had with NFT platform. Smooth, fast process of purchasing and selling. I suppose there should be more collaborations with creators to boost Oasis ecosystem.

Are there any normal NFTs in the AVAX eco-system? I think not, the other thing is Sol, Eth, they are giants of the nft sphere, which is unlikely to catch up. Frankly speaking, this is the first time I heard that Oasis ecosystem had nfts…

I think they have the potential to become a significant part of the platform’s ecosystem. As the use cases for NFTs continue to expand, they can offer users more opportunities to engage with the Oasis community and create new forms of value.

As for confidential NFTs, they could potentially bring a higher level of privacy and security to the NFT ecosystem. These types of NFTs use advanced cryptography to protect user data and ensure that sensitive information remains hidden from unauthorized access.

Overall, NFTs in Oasis can bring exciting opportunities for creators, collectors, and users to participate in new and innovative digital experiences. As technology evolves, we can expect to see new developments in the use of NFTs and the ways they can be integrated into various aspects of the Oasis ecosystem.

Rose-tan is by far the best unofficial mascot

I think Oasis Network is working to improve their technology and solving the issues you describe. I think Oasis Network is great network to build a fantastic communitiy around NFTs and Gaming.
Those topics will be the narrative of the massive adoption and the privacy of data and confidiality must be a must for that.

I belive NFT in oasisi network will better soon!

I expect decentralized Identity NFTs: Oasis Network’s privacy features and focus on decentralized identity could be leveraged to create NFTs that represent a user’s digital identity. These NFTs could be used to verify the identity of users in a decentralized and privacy-preserving way, without relying on a centralized authority.

Our blockchain has a lot of potential with confidential NFTs!

Confidential NFTs have the potential to significantly improve the privacy and security of NFT transactions, which could be a valuable contribution to the NFT ecosystem. However, the success of these improvements will ultimately depend on factors such as adoption, usability, and scalability, but I’m pretty hopeful since this piece of tech is really unique.

How to keep users active in Oasis ecosystem is essential.
I would like to see Condidential NFTs significantly improve the privancy of transaction.

Retaining user engagement in Oasis is crucial, and Confidential NFTs can enhance transaction privacy, fostering a more secure ecosystem.

I was reading really interesting replies, and of course. Oasis rn is on stanby cuz markets, but its only this? I think the whole crypto is affected by the markets but many blockchains still get volume and activity. Retaining user engagement is crucial for the sustainability and improvement of the Oasis NFT ecosystem and I think Foundation must do something to it. NFT ecosystem did a lot for the cryptos and will be a big part of the business, It would be a mistake to not focus on that part…