Build and Growth Community in Bear Market By an Oasis Espectator

At the Start of the Bear Market on November 2021 still all the Crypto Ecosystem was very Optimism, with the past of the time and after some black swans, we are here, like a person who try to understand the Financial and Technology Markets and how the Crypto Ecosystem Works. There is one point that in all this Bear Market was in my Mind, the future of the market and the tech development is based on a solid community, these are some Strong points that I see in Oasis Network and Oasian Community:

  1. In all the Bear market Oasis Network has kept working in its Technology and Community

  2. Oasis Social Media and Community has a great support, by the core team and the ambassadors

  3. Every Day and at every Time Oasis Telegram and Discord are constantly Active, when the activity of other projects was drastically reduced

  4. Its recent Launch Of Sapphire and the Privacy features

  5. Its partners and their support for Oasis Labs

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OPL and data tokenization, these are the most strong reason to make my stay and stick with Oasis, for the belief of real web3 value.

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I think this is very important Many people are concerned about the bear market and it is essential for a project to be built during this period where fundamentals are worth more than FOMO

если эти кровавые дни рынка не пошатнули веру команды в проект то то никто не сможет сделать, веди было действительно очень страшно и трудно

The recent launch of Sapphire and its privacy features is a pretty significant milestone for the Oasis Network, which showcases the team’s continuous efforts towards innovation and improvement.