Sapphire 0.5.2 Mainnet Announcement

From Discord, posted by @jernej
We have released Sapphire 0.5.2 for MAINNET . This release includes various bug fixes (error propagation, gas estimation) and the Curve25519 public key derivation precompile. Any node operators running Sapphire on MAINNET please update your node configuration to add the new version of Sapphire and restart your node in preparation of the upcoming MAINNET upgrade before epoch 23404. See the updated MAINNET network parameters page for the link to the new releases: Mainnet | Oasis Network Documentation. Thanks!

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It is really heartening to see such periodic updates. It assures us that the team, in the back end, is constantly testing and tweaking the changes that need to be done for users at the front end to experience everything smoothly. The updates are more immediately relevant to developers and node operators, but users enjoy the benefit. Go Sapphire!

these updates may seem small, but in reality they are much needed and definitely appreciated by devs. thank you!