Oasis Network May Updates

Oasis had a bustling month, loaded with developments, partnerships, and more! Dive into the thread below to stay updated on all things Oasis Network in the Web3 world.

:rocket: Updates

Oasis Core versions have been updated: 22.2.7 for Mainnet and 22.2.8 for Testnet!

Sapphire 0.5.2 is now live on the Mainnet: more info

:art: NFT

The confidential #NFT from Geniish Protocol’s launch pad is now live on Oasis Protocol:
more info

Enshrine Computing shared a breakdown of NFTrout, the flagship tech demo of Escrin (live on Sapphire Mainnet): more info

:video_game: Gaming

Web3 Strategy Game League of Thrones has now opened their registration for season 7, sponsored by Yuzu Swap: more info

:memo: April 2023 Engineering Updates

Three new dApp demos on Oasis Sapphire, Transak integration for seamless $ROSE purchases, and more highlights can be found here:
more info

:closed_lock_with_key: Wallet

Oasis Safe — a fork of the Gnosis Safe — has been deployed on Sapphire! This secure non-custodial wallet is built by ProtoFire: more info

:headphones: Podcasts

Check out the new podcast about the growing DAO industry and the role of the Oasis Privacy Layer: more info

The latest episode of CryptoNews features Will Wendt. Tune in for a deep dive into blockchain transparency, privacy, Web3 regulators, and the Oasis partnership with Meta AI: more info

:handshake: Partnerships

The partnership with Covalent offers developers on Sapphire improved historical data access: more info

Router Protocol is integrating Oasis’s Modules and adding the Oasis Network to its ecosystem. Oasis users can now use Router Chain for cross-chain capabilities: more info

:bulb: That’s all for the May update!

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A great roundup. Thanks for sharing this. I am very much interested to know more about Geniish making confidential NFTs. Enshrine using autonomous confidential computing in their work is another breakthrough development. We will hear more about Enshrine in the upcoming community townhall and I am really looking forward to seeing what wonders they are brewing with Oasis Sapphire functionalities in their toolbelt.

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great work as always, Milana. thanks for the post =)

It was an amazing experience participating in the contest, and it turned into something awesome when I won. Thanks, Milana for organizing it, and I look forward to more such exciting contests in the coming days. I am expecting the next contest to have something to do with the community town hall perhaps.