Use cases for OPL in Health Care

One of the Oasis focus is protect the sensitive people data, the perfet example is Medical data, and how OPL can be implemented with this, well this are some points for use cases.

  1. Use OPL to make the clinic History of people Private, increase the traceability of who has access to the data without violating the patient’s privacy and only giving authorization to specific people for a limited time, all this, leaving a traceable footprint, as if it were a block explorer

  2. Make it easier for people to access your sensitive data by having control over it and deciding if they want to share your information to generate extra income

  3. Integrate a reward system that can be used in DeFi


All I expected with privacy, will walk its way. Data tokenization, it will create and even build a new ecosystem of personal data.
So happy to see it coming.

the integration of a reward system that can be used in DeFi can incentivize data sharing in a secure and private manner, which could prove to be valuable for individuals seeking to monetize their data. This would give individuals greater control over their data and the ability to decide when and how it is shared.

Completely agree! An EHR blockchain system is coming and will absoutely disrupt the industry.

The immutability and traceability of the health records is crucial for handing over the ownership and access control of the health data to the patient.

But even the possibility of anonymizing any kind of data is a huge opportunity but especially so for health data. Researchers could develop vaccines faster with access to AI and a databank of anonymous, protected, verified patient data to make the most efficient vaccines of drugs possible.

Standardized data formats could be utilized to allow sharing of patient data across various healthcare networks, which is a pain point today.

Really, really excited for this avenue to be explored and researched immediately. I think Oasis could be in a position to be a foundation for one of these products…

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Here are a few examples from me:

  • Drug discovery: OPL can be used to analyze large datasets of molecular structures and identify potential drug candidates. For example, OPL could be used to identify components that are likely to be effective against a specific disease.

  • Medical imaging: OPL can be used to analyze medical images and identify anomalies that may be indicative of disease. For example, OPL could be used to analyze X-ray images to identify signs of lung cancer.

  • Healthcare management: OPL can be used to optimize healthcare operations and improve patient outcomes. For example, OPL could be used to analyze patient data and identify areas where healthcare providers can improve patient care.

Overall, OPL has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by providing powerful tools for medical research, diagnosis, drug discovery, medical imaging, and healthcare management.


Its decentralized structure also allows for greater collaboration and innovation within the medical community. ^^

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It would be cool to get an update on how the partnership with Genetica is going and if OPL is now involved

In fact, you can create a whole economy just with Data health, like the actual use in the industry but with the control for users and rewards

Partnership with Genetica was announced in the fall of 2021 and last updated in this article in the spring of 2022.

Perhaps in the quarterly report, we will be pleased with the new results of this partnership

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Yes, you are right! Data health is a critical aspect of the modern economy, and there is a growing need to control the usage and ownership of data. With the proliferation of big data and the increasing number of organizations that rely on it, managing data health has become a crucial task.

Also i think about The office of registry , insurance records , medical record.
OPL can be used in real life. modern problems need modern solutions. OPL is the key , we can use blockchain solution in real-life problem.

Here is what I was talking about in many places.

Privacy in medical care center are everything

When ppl notice that they really need is this, they will know Oasis is there for them.