Exploring unique ideas to implement oasis' tech in real-life fields!

hey oasis fam! i wanted to start a thread to brainstorm some out-of-the-box ideas on how we can leverage the incredible technology of oasis network in real-life fields. let’s dive in and get those creative juices flowing! :star2:

:one: healthcare revolution: imagine a world where patient data is securely stored and shared on the oasis network. with its privacy-focused approach, oasis could enable seamless and secure data exchange among healthcare providers, leading to improved diagnosis, treatment, and overall patient care. talk about a game-changer!

:two: supply chain transparency: we all know the importance of traceability in supply chains. oasis’ scalable and privacy-preserving features could be the missing piece to ensure end-to-end transparency. from verifying the authenticity of products to tracking the journey from producer to consumer, oasis could revolutionize the way we trust and interact with supply chains.

:three: decentralized voting: with the rise of blockchain, why not take the next step in democratizing our voting systems? oasis network’s privacy and security measures make it an ideal candidate for implementing decentralized voting platforms. imagine a world where trust in the electoral process is bolstered, ensuring fair and transparent elections for all.

:four: climate action: tackling climate change requires collaborative efforts. oasis network can play a crucial role in creating decentralized platforms to monitor environmental data, facilitate carbon offset programs, and incentivize sustainable practices. let’s leverage oasis’ technology to make a positive impact on our planet!

:five: educational empowerment: education is the key to a brighter future. by utilizing oasis network’s privacy and scalability, we can build decentralized platforms that provide equal access to quality education, bypassing barriers like geographical limitations and costly infrastructure. let’s empower learners worldwide!

these are just a few ideas to kickstart the conversation. I’d love to hear your thoughts and unique ideas on how oasis network’s technology can be implemented in various real-life fields. together, we can unlock the true potential of oasis and make a difference in the world. let’s innovate and create a brighter future! :sparkles:


I am particularly psyched about 2 use cases - handling of patient records and collaboration for climate action. Our medical records are absolutely confidential, so unauthorized access is a strict no-no. About climate action, I think some blockchains already working on how to build sustainable goals for the environment. In both cases, Oasis has the necessary tools to scale data privacy, especially using Sapphire.

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I’m definitely in love with the concept of having a confidential NFT to show that I’ve allowed my data to be used for computation, while still maintaining my privacy through Sapphire. Earning through data mining rather than being mined unwittingly through 3rd parties is something I can definitely get behind.


I think, the prospect of a decentralized digital identity system via the Oasis Network is a potentially game-changing idea. The combination of advanced privacy and security features this network offers could effectively address the growing need for safe and efficient identity verification systems. In the world where identity theft and data breaches are increasingly common, the Oasis Network could provide a robust, decentralized solution.


Most definitely - sky is the ceiling and these recent updates by Oasis’ are very hopeful and the future is looking bright!

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