Voting for the Eden Upgrade has succesfully passed πŸŽ‰

Exciting news: The voting has successfully passed with more than 86% of the total voting power of the validator set. :tada: A heartfelt thank you to all the validators who voted. :heart:

:bangbang: Eden Upgrade is scheduled for epoch 28017. We anticipate the MAINNET Network to reach this epoch at approximately 2023-11-29, between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM UTC. We will post a more exact time as we approach the upgrade epoch. Please mark this date in your calendar and ensure you will be ready to upgrade your nodes.

:bangbang: Eden Upgrade is a breaking upgrade!

:bangbang: When the network reaches the halt epoch (28017), your node will automatically stop, requiring no action from you. Please proceed with the upgrade only after the network has halted.

Upgrade Instructions: Eden Upgrade | Oasis Documentation

Prepare for the upgrade:

Review the Documentation: Please ensure you familiarize yourself with the changes and the upgrading process: Eden Upgrade | Oasis Documentation

Note that the node configuration has been refactored so that everything is now configured via a YAML configuration file and configuring via command-line options is no longer supported: Eden Upgrade | Oasis Documentation

The Oasis Core 23.0 binary in our published releases is built only for Ubuntu 22.04 (GLIBC>=2.32). You’ll have to build it yourself if you’re using prior Ubuntu versions (or other distributions using older system libraries).

Backup Critical Data: As with any major upgrade, ensure your validator keys and other critical data are safe.

Monitor Communication Channels:

Stay tuned to ⁠#mainnet-announcements on Discord for real-time updates and any critical notifications related to the upgrade.


If you face technical challenges or have questions, please post them in the ⁠ #【:bulb:】node-operators channel on Discord. While we’re devoted to guiding every validator through a seamless upgrade, we anticipate an increased number of inquiries during this time. Thus, if you see a fellow node operator seeking help, we encourage you to step forward and offer your guidance.