Welcome to the Oasis Network Community Forum- Start here!

Welcome to the Oasis Community Forum!

The Oasis Community Forum is a public discussion forum, where all members of the Oasis ecosystem can contribute to the network. This forum is dedicated to connect and foster the entire Oasis family, from supporters, to ecosystem projects and developers. It is also one of the places where you can stay up to date on the latest Oasis Network news.

This forum will focus on ecosystem growth, tech and product discussions, and its purpose is to bridge developers and enthusiasts around the world to participate in our building efforts, including not limited to the following:

  • Oasis Network Ecosystem
  • Oasis Network Core Platform
  • Emerald Paratime
  • Cipher Paratime
  • Sapphire Paratime
  • The Oasis Privacy layer
  • TEEs
  • DID
  • Gaming
  • NFT’s

…and more!

As the Oasis ecosystem grows, so will our community. That’s why the site has a simple design system & modular structure. We make changes as we go, and strive to learn more about how the community uses the forum and what it wants and needs from it. We also put our efforts into educating new members of our ecosystem and vision. Our main goals are:

  • Understand the Oasis ecosystem and its advantages
  • Help new developers get started with building on Oasis
  • Understand updates and important features of Oasis

We’re open source, with a community of contributors, so you can propose improvements to us as well. Join us and begin your journey with us today.

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I think that the OASIS project, which creates a strong social media community in every field, will help people in many issues through the forum.

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With which projects would Oasis Network be interested in partnering? If Oasis Network is interested, please describe the selection parameters and preferably some examples. It would be very useful for us.


Wow, these are very cool goals that I’m sure Oasis can do!

2023 will be a year of breakthroughs!

Sapphire did not stand aside, I am glad that more and more various applications like Oasis Explorer are being integrated into it, keep it up!

I like Oasis very much, it’s great, let’s work hard together, let’s welcome the new era together