Why you should use the official Oasis wallets?

When it comes to storing $ROSE, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Despite there is a number of wallets supporting Oasis, I’ll give you 3 reasons to use official wallets by Oasis and keep your tokens safe :point_down:

:rose: Security

The official Web wallet & Browser Extension have undergone thorough security testing and have been developed with the most advanced security measures to ensure that your funds are safe and protected. All assets are under your sole control as the wallets are non-custodial.

:rose: Compatibility

Using an official wallet ensures that it is fully compatible with the Oasis Network, which means you can access all the features and functions of the network.

:rose: Support

Official wallets are supported by the Oasis team and community, which means you have access to customer support, resources, and updates to help you with any issues or questions that may arise.

Besides, the official wallets provide staking functionality, which allows $ROSE owners to earn staking rewards, thus securing the network and contributing to its performance.

Guides from Everstake validator on how to use this feature can be found in this thread)


Great post. Nothing to discuss here I guess :slight_smile:

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Very happy with the Oasis wallet! Didn’thave to look for other options so to say.

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The principles and practices of the OASIS Network have always intrigued me. I believe that these principles will be adhered to in the following processes and that the development will become continuous.

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It’s very safe . Oasis network is the gate to Web3.

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This is fact - really good wallet with ecosystem and wide possibilities

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What it your take profit price

We hope we will have an offfcial mobile wallet soon.

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You’re protected against the collapsing of a CEX and I think the 2 week debonding time protects you from emotional selling and making mistakes trying to swing trade.

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