What is your favorite mobile Oasis wallet?

I am using Bitpie and Cwallet,
Bitpie is sometimes kinda slow.
And Cwallet is kinda complicated, there is too many options, but I like the way it links to your twitter/telegram, etc account so you can use your funds to send tips to other people in the telegram channel or reddit :smiley:


Im using bitpie though its a bit slow

I use the Oasis wallet extension

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Mine is the official non-custodial web wallet for Oasis. I love the fact that I can add it to my Home Screen with the Oasis logo😍


I was using bitpie but I keep everyhting in the official wallet now dont really bother with mobile

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im using bitbpie, cause there no official mobile version right?

It would be amazing of web wallet could have some way to save the words, so we wouldn’t had to enter it every time. That + saving it as a web app on mobile will be a perfect mobile wallet. Fast, native and simple.

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Yeah there is an official wallet

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To me, the oasis wallet extension is the best wallet to use

Mostly make use of the wallet extension

Whilst there isn’t an official mobile wallet personally speaking I do think there are some good mobile wallets that allow storing and staking ROSE like Citadel.One and Savl (these haven’t been reviewed by Oasis though and should be used at your own discretion). There is also Bitpie that does the job :+1:

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I use the Oasis wallet extention. It’s just easy for me and I like the layout.

For mobile app, been using bitpie,although sometimes some incoming transactions were not recorded, But Oasis web extension is still the best option for me :blush:

Oasis wallet extention

I really like Bitpie, for me it is very convenient, easy to use, there is nothing superfluous! Everything works fine, nothing is buggy! Very satisfied

My vote goes to the native Oasis wallet extension for Chrome. Everything you need as an ordinary user (my case hehe) :smile:

I use Web browser cos i use a Ledger,but its for security.My favorite one - web extension,more functionality

I use the browser extension on my PC as it is the most convenient, but if we are talking about mobile, then this is definitely a bitpie

I only use my PC because it’s easier to handle it and not so many bugs like phones

I use the Oasis wallet extension。