Announcing the new Community Garden

:heart: By the community, for the community!

:rose: That’s what we care about and thrive for! We love our community and we constantly seek ways to empower our community!

:flashlight: Dim the lights and shine a spotlight on the new Oasis Rose Garden, a central hub created by our incredible community to ease the onboarding experience for new users on our network.

:star_struck: There you’ll find plenty of resources to get you started, including documentation, FAQs, an Oasis Events hub, an active Dapps directory, recordings from our past Twitter Spaces, regional translations from our amazing ambassadors, a list of regional communities, useful links and much more.

:ninja: And we have a surprise coming soon in the form of the Oasis Academy. Can’t give you more details at the moment, but expect it to be educational and rewarding at the same time :slight_smile:

:pray: And since it’s a community website, if you feel like there’s anything missing, share your suggestions in our channels.

:point_right: Read our blog article for more details : Introducing Oasis Garden, a Community Resource Portal

:point_right: And visit the garden here :


I am loving it. We had a sneak preview last month. And now it’s live. The layout and navigation are easy and seamless. Will keep on exploring and continue to give feedback.

One thing though. It might be helpful if the events section could list all the regular community events like discord trivia, telegram trivia, and monthly ambassador town hall too.

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great great great newssssssssssss! with the town hall planned for later today, I’m starting to get even more excited for potential updates - thank you!


The garden looks amazing with all the widgets and it is so easy to navigate. Plus it is in line with what was mention in the Town Hall about engaging more with the community

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