Recapping Last Week's Exciting News: Oasis Retreat, Cross-Chain Integration, Town Hall, and Oasis Garden Launch

Summing up an eventful week for the Oasis Network! Let’s dive into the highlights:

:one: Company Retreat in Bled, Slovenia :national_park:
The Oasis team traveled to Bled, Slovenia for an inspiring company retreat, envisioning the future of Oasis and reigniting the team with the energy of community and shared purpose.

:two: Cross-Chain Messaging Bridge Integration :link:
Exciting news! The first cross-chain messaging bridge has been successfully integrated with Oasis Sapphire Mainnet. Celer’s Interchain Messaging (IM) Framework now powers the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL), enhancing its performance and functionality.

:three: Oasis Community Town Hall :studio_microphone:
The Oasis Community Town Hall was an incredible event, providing in-depth insights into the Oasis Privacy Layer, the Privacy4Web3 Hackathon, and autonomous computing with Enshrine Computing. These developments showcase the progress and innovation within the Oasis Network.

:four: Oasis Garden Launch :rose:
Oasis Garden was launched! This community-driven hub is designed to enhance the onboarding experience for new users on the network. It offers comprehensive resources such as documentation, FAQs, an Oasis Events hub, an active Dapps directory, regional translations, and much more. Stay tuned for the upcoming surprise, Oasis Academy, providing educational and rewarding opportunities.

:globe_with_meridians: Join the vibrant Oasis community, share your suggestions, and be a part of shaping the future of Web3! :raised_hands:

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Excellent summing up. I am absolutely thrilled about how Celer IM integrated into Oasis Sapphire is going to boost OPL functionality, the upcoming P4W3 hackathon where Oasis and Devpost are partnering, the revamped Oass Garden being the one-stop destination for the community of new users, developers and everyone interested in Oasis. The biggest news coming out of the company retreat right now, imo, is the new community calls to take place like a Discord AMA with ecosystem projects. Nick with his Enshrine is the first guest. So looking forward to this new initiative.

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What a week for the Oasis Network! It’s clear that the Oasis team is driving innovation and fostering a strong sense of community. The launch of Oasis Garden, a user-friendly hub, and the upcoming Oasis Academy further demonstrate their commitment to user onboarding and education. Exciting times ahead for the Oasis Network and the future of Web3! :clap::rocket: