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Hello :wave: Iā€™m GURU94vt and i want talk about the AI.
Everyone talks about Artificial Intelligence today, especially the conversational ones (ChatGPT, Bing AI) #openAI #BingAI
For some it has become an obsession, for some a fear.
But building strong data #privacy and other user protections in the early stages of development is critical.
Oasis Protocol has partnered with and Personal.aito safely engineer artificial intelligence that shatters the boundaries of a traditional human experience.
Have you ever wondered where these AIs get their information from? Can they only get them from public aspects, such as sites, blogs, Twitter?
or can they also take them from private conversations, emails, messages they find on messaging apps? The last info are Private and must and they must remain private. Such data is owned by individuals and should be appropriately empowered to secure and control access to data used to train #AI models. This division of these two types of digital content is fundamental for #OasisNetwork and for
Oasis Network is a privacy-focused blockchain network that brings privacy and confidentiality to every ecosystem in Web3. Building tools that take advantage of these features to develop responsible AI is crucial. These tools and the products built upon them realize our shared vision to develop responsible AI to protect individual privacy and data ownership. At the heart of the partnership between Oasis Network and is the la paratime Sapphire. Sapphire is the EVM-compatible confidential runtime for building confidential decentralized applications.
Personal.AI users can interact with Sapphire for:

  • Consent use of their data, which is encrypted using the blockchain as a root of trust. Encryption is done through Sapphire Key Manager, which generates the encryption keys. Data access is always protected by checking consent and logging access requests and grants on-chain.
  • Creators can create confidential NFTs supported by their on-chain AI trained avatar. NFT is a tradable commodity where the ability to interact with a given AI avatar is based on the purchase of the corresponding NFT.
  • All customers can monitor the use of both their data and their AI avatars by third parties. This capability ensures that there is a transparent incentive model to monitor usage and include compensation on a trustless network

PersonalAI uses #Parcel ā€” an Oasis-authorized data management product ā€” as the team finalizes plans to switch to Sapphire later this year. #oasisnetwork

@OasisNetwork and @PersonalAI proud to partner with each other to build a future with responsibleAI that expands individual knowledge, protects user privacy,and lays the foundation for a transparent and decentralized data economy with privacy protection individual in the center.

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The partnership between Oasis Network and seems to be a promising step towards developing responsible and privacy-focused AI technology!

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Bringing AI to blockchain means breathing new spirit to distributed ledger body. this is mind blowing!

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