Individual Privacy Meets Conversational AI: & Oasis

Conversational AI projects (e.g., ChatGPT) have quickly captured mainstream attention, even becoming an obsession for some. The early success of these tools shows how powerful this technology will be in corporate and personal settings.

But building robust data privacy safeguards and other user protections in the early stages of development is crucial.

To do this, Oasis and are thrilled to continue collaborating since 2020 to safely engineer AI that shatters the limitations of a traditional human experience through an extension to our memory that spans a lifetime.

Read more in our latest blog piece :point_down:

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this is a cool topic here and after all I have experience in chatgpt for conversation, logic tracking, emotional exploring, I am concerned how to distinguish AI users in Oasis in some crucial steps.

It’s great to see that Oasis and are working together to safely engineer AI that can enhance our experiences and extend our memories over a lifetime!