Curious About Upcoming ParaTime Releases on Oasis Network

I’m curious to know more about the upcoming ParaTime releases. What kind of use cases are they designed to support, and how will they interact with other parts of the Oasis Network?

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Paratimes (Parallel Runtimes) are designed to run on top of the Oasis Conensus Layer. The paratimes that are being actively developed now are, Emerald (EVM), Cipher (WASM), and Sapphire (Privacy).

Each of these paratimes support a different use case. For example, Emerald supports direct portability with EVM contracts, Cipher focuses on speed and security of those contracts, and Sapphire will enable privacy features within web3 apps, which is a critical piece missing for web3 industry adoption.

Please watch through this the first 10 minutes of this video to learn how these paratimes interact with the consensus layer in a modular kind of way. Oasis Developer Course 1 - Oasis Network 101 - YouTube

You will learn many more paratimes have the possibility of being developed for any use case needed, it’s only a matter of time, and innovation.