Did you know that by delegating $ROSE to LaunchGarden's validator, you can earn $GRDN at a rate of 1:2? Check below to learn more ⬇️

We did the math on it, and our IVO is literally the best deal you can get in the crypto market.

  1. Current rewards rate in Oasis Network is 6%. So for 100k ROSE the delegator will receive 6k ROSE. At the current price $0.04 this amounts to $240

  2. The LaunchGarden staking campaign is still ongoing for 4 months, and 3.33% of total GRDN supply will be airdropped to users delegating from now to the end of the campaign.

  3. We charge our delegators 15% fee. From the $240 that is $36 yearly, and in the 4 months that amounts to $12.

  4. The current delegation amount in our node is 6.8M ROSE. 100k newly delegated ROSE is approximately 1.5% of all the ROSE the node.

  5. 3.3% of the total supply of GRDN that is airdropped to the validators is 3.3M tokens as outlined in the tokenomics Announcing LaunchGarden’s $GRDN Tokenomics | by LaunchGarden | LaunchGarden | Dec, 2022 | Medium

  6. The user that delegated 100k ROSE then will receive 1.5% of 3.3M GRDN. This is around 50k GRDN tokens.

Check out our node and delegate here: OASIS SCAN | Oasis Blockchain Explorer

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Great to read about the opportunity you’re offering your stakeholders. Just a friendly word of advise and a reminder to our community, that in order to keep the network as decentralized as possible, do consider spreading out your assets when you decide to delegate. LaunchGarden could be one of them :slight_smile:


Definitely! We want the BEST for Oasis and we are here to build a meaningful ecosystem, so decentralization is a must - thanks for the reply, Emrah!

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So I get around 5K for 10k staked ROSE.
I am happy with the deal :smiley:

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I’ll definetly be adding some of my stack to this! great to hear thanks!

cool, never heard of this offer before! Thanks for the article) I have savings in the token, I should probably try to delegate them! Very cool to have such opportunities