Kiln, the institutional-grade staking provider is now live on oasis

Kiln is now live as active validator on the oasis network.

This means easier access to ROSE staking for exchanges, wallets and custodians, but everyone can delegate to Kiln so it’s pretty cool.

Kiln was chosen by companies like Ledger, Binance, and Metamask to develop and enhance their staking offerings so the roses are in good hands.



positive development for the Oasis Network and the entire community. It’s exciting to see the ecosystem grow and mature, and I look forward to seeing more updates like this in the future!

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This is great news for ROSE staking on the Oasis Network! Kiln has a strong reputation in the industry, and their selection by companies like Ledger, Binance, and Metamask is a testament to their expertise. Now, with Kiln as an active validator, it will be easier for exchanges, wallets, and custodians to offer ROSE staking. But even individual users can delegate to Kiln, which is pretty cool!