How to stake ROSE via official Oasis wallets

Want to know the easy way to stake $ROSE?

Check out this video guide on “How to stake ROSE via official Oasis wallets”

Follow the link to learn the step-by-step process and multiply your tokens today with Everstake :point_down:


What a wonderful video, easy to follow as well :slight_smile:

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Great video! Very easy and clear

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I’ll share this from now on when people asks for guide on how to stake ROSE.

Thanks Everstake team!

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It’s a very simple explanation. In this way, many people will be able to do these operations easily.

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I recommend to stake on the Oasis Wallet - Browser Station. It’s easy and you are helping to the security of the network.

You have to delegate 100 ROSE min. and you can choose the validator that you prefer

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Great vidio ! Thanks

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Thanks for great materials!
But one thing makes me interested more and more…
Is there an idea for increasing rewards?
Staking rewards are a key incentive for users to participate in staking, and projects could work on increasing staking rewards to encourage more participation.

There are some general strategies that projects can use to increase staking rewards, such as adjusting the staking rate, reducing the minimum staking requirement, or introducing additional rewards for early adopters or long-term stakers.

It’s important to note that while increasing staking rewards can encourage more participation in staking, it’s not the only factor that users consider when deciding to stake their tokens. Projects should also focus on building strong fundamentals and providing value to their users to ensure long-term success.

This is what Oasis Network is doing and what a great presentation of the updated website)