Fountain Protocol: One-stop platform for managing DeFi assets

Fountain Protocol is the first lending platform powered by Oasis. The protocol enables users to experience high capital efficiency and one-stop management of DeFi assets. Taking advantage of the highly efficient and low-cost Oasis Network, Fountain Protocol establishes a multi-revenue protocol with a fund pool as the core and multiple application scenarios.

Fountain offers its users several benefits and advantages over other lending applications, some of these advantages are as follows:

Lower Fees
Fountain offers lower fees and interest rates for borrowers compared to other platforms. As the leading privacy-enabled and scalable layer-1 blockchain, Oasis Network is ideal for DeFi. It offers instant finality, 99% lower gas fees versus Ethereum, high throughput, privacy protection, and defense against MEV. By deploying on the Oasis network, Fountain can provide substantially lower fees for contract execution.

One of the most user-friendly applications in the crypto space. Unlike other lending applications, Fountain is super easy to use and can be accessed easily on desktop and mobile devices. Fountain makes supplying and borrowing as simple as using a typical banking app, this will put the industry on the path to mass adoption.

Fair Collateralization
Another critical problem that cripples DeFi lending markets is high collateral demands and low borrowing amounts. Fountain knows this is unsustainable and will usher in a market that is agile, fair, and accessible to all by only allowing fair collateral positions that give users easy access to the markets.

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Great features for DeFi. Amazing to see how Oasis ecosystem is growing with each day.

cannot wait to see the power from fountain protocol in Defi. Hope it will paly a big role in the coming year.

The platform’s focus on usability is also noteworthy. In a space where many lending applications can be difficult to navigate and understand, Fountain’s user-friendly interface could be a game-changer for mass adoption. By making it simple and straightforward to supply and borrow funds, it could attract a broader audience.