Oasis Network Overview

Welcome to the Web3 world of Oasis, a groundbreaking project revolutionizing the way we interact with digital assets and data.

Let’s dive into an overview of its idea, functionality, goals, team, community, tokenomics, and partnerships :star2:

  • Idea
    Oasis Protocol is a pioneering web3 Layer 1 PoS smart contract platform that prioritizes privacy, scalability, and extensibility.
  • Functionality
    ROSE facilitates transactions, powers DeFi protocols, enables dApps development, supports AI applications, empowers zK Rollups for enhanced scalability, and offers staking opportunities, among other use cases.
  • Goals
    In 2023, Oasis has exciting plans to enhance its privacy layer, bridge with Ethereum for interoperability, launch Oasis Explorer for valuable insights, and integrate security measures and wallets to improve user experience and safety.
  • Team
    Oasis has a talented team of 40+ individuals with experience at tech giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Led by CEO Dawn Song, an award-winning entrepreneur, their expertise fuels the continuous growth of the Oasis ecosystem.
  • Community
    The ROSE community thrives on social media, with an impressive 278k followers on Twitter. Each tweet garners an average of 200-400 likes, showcasing the strong engagement and support from the community.
  • Tokenomics
    With a maximum supply of 10 billion tokens, $ROSE currently has 57% of its tokens in circulation. The token’s release follows an inflationary model until 2030 and beyond, ensuring a steady and controlled token distribution over time.
  • Partnerships
    Collaborations with prominent players such as Meta, Binance, Covalent and Chainstack further strengthen the Oasis Network. These partnerships foster innovation, adoption, and integration of ROSE across various sectors.

Join the Oasis revolution today and discover the power of privacy, scalability, and extensibility in the decentralized world.

Stay updated with Oasis Protocol for the latest developments and opportunities​:rose::rocket:

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I believe the strategic partnerships Oasis has been making ever since the start of 2023 on the back of Sapphire mainnet going live and the interoperability question answered with OPL, will propel the ecosystem stratospherically. To those who measure success with only a meteoric rise in token price, I say, don’t trust a volatile factor, trust the process, and all good things come to those who wait. Going through this piece, I am again reminded of what inspired me to be part of the Oasis community, and why I put so much belief in it.

I agree with your outlook. Oasis’ strategic partnerships and technological advancements, such as the Sapphire mainnet and OPL, indeed indicate a promising future. Success in blockchain isn’t about quick token price increases, but rather about sustainable growth, solid technology, and a dedicated community. Your belief in Oasis mirrors this perspective and inspires continued progress. Cheers to the exciting journey ahead!

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Right. I so often hear people use blockchain and crypto as interchangeable terms. They are not. Crypto is just a blockchain by-product. Being bullish about token price is just like playing the share market. What actually is exciting is blockchain technology, its evolution, and its applicability in practical use cases. Oasis has the perfect tools in Sapphire and OPL to revolutionize web3 with privacy assurance. Now with all these strategic partnerships, we will certainly see greater adoption of web3.