Metamirror is launching their ID2E program

This sounds pretty exciting. I haven’t had the opportunity to test it out yet, but if any of you have, I would greatly appreciate if you could share your experiences and insights.

To participate in the MetaMirror ID2Earn program

  1. Visit Dashboard | MetaMirror
  2. Go to the data asset tab
  3. Select all topics of interest
  4. After selecting all interested topics click “ok”
  5. Visit on the upper right of the page click Earn
  6. Click opt-in by generating attributes at Ads Space
  7. Stay tuned in metamirror for the announcements of ID2earn bonus campaign ads
  8. The first 100 participants will receive the 0.1 usdt
    You get addtional .8 usdt if you completed 5 id2earn campaigns
    and 3.2 usdt on the 15th id2earn campaign

to learn more about metamirror you can visit
Whitepaper: DocSend
Medium: MetaMirror – Medium
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @MetaMirror
Discord: MetaMirror

Awesome how Metamirror will enable anyone to benefit from their own data. Especially as opposed to big companies taking advantage of it. Groundbreaking stuff :relaxed: