Oasis May 2023 Engineering Update

:wave: Hey everyone

:partying_face: The Oasis May 2023 Engineering Update is here!

:fire: May was an exciting month for Oasis Engineering! The entire team accomplished significant process on multiple projects that span the entire Oasis technology stack.

This engineering brief summarizes the following updates:

  • Wallet and CLI Updates
  • Network Updates (Mainnet and Testnet)
  • Indexer and Explorer Updates
  • Developer Platform and ParaTime Updates
  • Oasis Core Updates

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Wow, May was an incredibly exciting month for Oasis! The team achieved significant progress across various projects, from wallet and CLI updates to network enhancements and developer platform improvements. There were also notable updates to the Oasis Core, Indexer, and Explorer.

It’s great to see the growth and stability of the Mainnet and Testnet, with increased daily transactions and active nodes. The Oasis team’s dedication and hard work are truly impressive. I can’t wait to see what June has in store for Oasis!


Solidity developers and dApp builders who are planning to leverage the OPL, take note. The Oasis fork for OpenGSN is here for early users of the gas station network. Combined with the recent Celer IM integration with Oasis Sapphire for cross-chain messaging, the full functionality of OPL is taking shape. Great news also for those who plan to use OPL for making their entry for the upcoming hackathon.

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Wow, what an impressive month for the Oasis Engineering team! :clap:

I’m particularly excited about the progress made on the Developer Platform and Wallet updates.

Thank you for your continuous efforts and dedication to refining the Oasis Protocol.