Oasis April 2023 Engineering Update

April was far from a slow month for Oasis Engineering. Last month, the team achieved enormous progress and pushed updates throughout the entire Oasis stack. Oasis user activity saw slight increases and network reliability remained steady throughout their work, as added bonuses.

This engineering brief summarizes the following updates:

  • Wallet and CLI Updates

  • Network Updates (Mainnet and Testnet)

  • Indexer and Explorer Updates

  • Developer Platform and ParaTime Updates

  • Oasis Core Updates

Let’s dive into a complete update from Oasis Engineering’s work in April!


Really like the integration of the Transak payment solution with the wallet to seamlessly buy ROSE is a great move. With this feature added, I think, we can see much more interest generated about Oasis as more and more new people, after getting their hands on some tokens, will start exploring the world of possibilities that the protocol and its ecosystem provide.