Oasis Network April Updates

April was a month of innovation and growth for #OasisNetwork, with exciting partnerships, new projects, and updates to the web wallet:

  • Consensus 2023
    Oasis was a proud participant at the u/consensus2023 Conference, offering an opportunity for developers to connect with the team at the Developer Breakfast and score some swag at the Booth. Read more

  • Integration w/ Chainstack
    Chainstack is now supporting Sapphire on Mainnet & Testnet, helping Web3 devs connect their dApps to the Oasis Privacy Layer. Read more

  • Enshrine Computing
    Under the leadership of Oasis Teach Lead Nick Hynes, was launched a new project Enshrine. Enshrine Computing is pioneering offline computing for a more secure and independent Web3. Read more

  • ZKP vs TEE
    Discover the benefits of Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) and Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) for Web3 users with Oasis Network’s latest informative piece. Read more

  • Result of partnership w/ Personal.ai
    Oasis Network is excited to be partnered with Personal.ai, who recently launched their live demo! Discover how their AI solution can help you remember your special moments, all secured by Sapphire. Read more

  • Oasis Web Wallet
    The updates (1.5 & 1.6) for the Oasis Web Wallet are now live and available at http://wallet.oasis.io, with new features on offer. Check it out now and experience the enhanced user experience. Read more

Exciting developments abound on the Oasis this April, from new partnerships to innovative projects

Stay tuned for more exciting developments and news with your trusted Everstake validator!


Wow, it’s great to hear about all the exciting developments on the Oasis Network in April! From partnerships to new projects and updates to the web wallet, it seems like there’s a lot to look forward to.

Thanks for sharing this update Milana!

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Seeing the achievements and milestones of Oasis Network for the month of April, they clearly show the bright future of the project in the space, as well as the consistency to build and deliver the best we can possibly get.

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