Oasis Monthly Highlights: March 2023

It’s been an eventful month for Oasis!

Join this thread as we dive into the highlights of the month :rocket:

  • Technical Updates
    :large_blue_diamond: Released Core 22.2.7 for MAINNET :point_right: details
    :large_blue_diamond: New 1.10.0 version of Oasis Browser Extension on Chrome Web Store :point_right: details
    :large_blue_diamond: Published demo video of Oasis Privacy Layer from Ethereum Denver 2023 :point_right: details

  • Online Events
    :large_blue_diamond: Oasis Tech Lead & Josh from Aztec Network featured on the BNBChain Bread N’ Butter Devcast :point_right: details
    :large_blue_diamond: Oasis team hosted AMA with MetaMirror, Lizard Exchange & Blockchain Cuties on digital identity, privacy, gaming & more :point_right: details
    :large_blue_diamond: Twitter Space “Sapphire Developer Tooling” with Band Protocol & Covalent :point_right: details

  • Offline Events
    :large_blue_diamond: Oasis team takes part in Dev Workshop w/ BNB CHAIN, Developer Breakfast, Privacy Layer for Web3 Workshop, Data Sovereignty w/ Dawn Song, & Exhibitor Booth
    :large_blue_diamond: Published highlights from UPA Summit :point_right: details

  • Hackathons & Competitions
    :large_blue_diamond: Don’t miss the #P4Web3 Hackathon, announced by the Oasis team, a great opportunity to showcase your skills and contribute to the development of the network :point_right: details
    :large_blue_diamond: “Explore the Oasis” Crew3 competition winners announced in Discord :point_right: details

  • Partnerships
    :large_blue_diamond: Oasis published a new article on their partnership for Responsible AI, giving the community a deeper understanding of their work :point_right: details
    :large_blue_diamond: The Band Protocol is now available on Oasis Sapphire :point_right: details

  • Celebrations
    :large_blue_diamond: Oasis celebrated #WomensHistoryMonth and #WomensDay with pride throughout the week :point_right: details

Stay tuned for more exciting developments and news from the Oasis Team on Twitter!


Great work, as always.

Thanks Milana!

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It was indeed a great month with lots of work and milestone reached. Good one team Oasis

Oasis team is amazing!

looks like you guys doing a lot partnerships and hackathone in terms of making more better sure envirment…appreciated