Oasis Network - The Role of Staking

Want to earn rewards and secure Oasis Network?

Learn about the critical role of staking in our latest infographic :framed_picture:

For those ready to start staking now, check out the guide to staking in Official Oasis Wallets


so for me to unstake my token or debonding the period is 14 days,can this period be more les in the future,

The unstaking period is typically determined by the consensus rules and governance decisions of the network.

Some blockchain networks may allow for shorter or longer unstaking periods, depending on factors such as network security, transaction speed, and user experience. However, any changes to the unstaking period would likely require a consensus decision among network participants and may require a hard fork or other technical changes to the protocol.

The unstake waiting time is too long, can it be shortened.

Wow the APY is really mouth watering and attractive I must Say, nothing better than allowing your money work for you. Oasis is really the best place to stake.

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Great infographic Milana =)

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Nice clean infographic for a well written guide. Keep it up!

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Amazing ! The APY is pretty high!

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