Proposal #4: Changing the Staking Rewards Schedule

The current staking reward schedule offers an ~2.5% expected annualized reward (APY) until the start of April this year, dropping to ~2% afterward and finally to 0% in November 2024. However, the common pool is far from exhausted because it was allocated using an overly conservative estimate of the level of staking over time.

If we extend the current ~2.5% rate indefinitely, the common pool would not be exhausted for approximately another six years, assuming the percentage of staked tokens remains relatively stable ( This will give us plenty of time to explore different approaches for revamping incentive mechanisms on the Oasis Network.

It’s also worth noting that the community can revisit and adjust the rewards schedule as necessary in the future.

With Proposal #4, we propose to keep the current staking reward rate of ~2.5% (APY) until the common pool is exhausted.

Current Staking Rewards Schedule:


Proposed Staking Rewards schedule:


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