Oasis Sapphire and Enshrine

Oasis Sapphire brings the power of confidentiality and customizable privacy in an EVM-compatible parallel runtime (paratime) using secure enclaves powered by trusted execution environments (TEEs). This not only provides a key solution to the blockchain privacy paradox but is also a vital tool to help build responsible AI. Using this as inspiration, Eshrine Computing has become instrumental in giving developers a secure serverless platform for Web3 applications. Enshrine is an important part of the Oasis ecosystem as it makes the concept of autonomous confidential computing a reality.

Take for example Enshrine’s tech demo - NFTrout which is an autonomous breeding game, which is self-sovereign and self-authenticating with privacy attributes ensuring its secret state remains unpredictable. Deployed on Oasis Sapphire, you can experience this unique web3 game as a precursor of many other dApps where a secure decentralized computing network gives a seamless secure off-chain computing experience. Recently, Enshrine founder, Nick Hynes floated the idea that decentralized internet (web3) will evolve into the next logical iteration - autonomous internet (web4).

Intrigued? The upcoming Oasis Community Townhall on June 8 (10 AM EST) is a great opportunity to catch Nick giving a presentation on Enshrine and how it adds value to being part of the Oasis ecosystem. Catch it on Zoom, or if you are just a little late to get a slot (it’s limited and in high demand), you can also live stream the event on Oasis’s official YouTube channel.

The upcoming Oasis Community Townhall on June 8 presents an excellent opportunity to hear Nick’s presentation on Enshrine and its value within the Oasis ecosystem

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