What is the Oasis Privacy Layer?

The Oasis Privacy Layer is powered by Sapphire (the first and only confidential EVM) – it is EVM compatible while offering Oasis privacy-preserving technology.

However, it is a tool that can be used by established dApps, on popular EVM chains.

Where Sapphire is a runtime where dApps can be built or ported from EVM chains, the Oasis Privacy Layer is a gateway to Sapphire’s privacy features for dApps on other EVM chains.

Other chains and dApps already established can use the Oasis Privacy Layer as it offers quick and convenient confidentiality for their needs. From secret ballots to NFT auctions and DAO voting, the Oasis Privacy Layer can provide privacy to aspects on-chain for EVM projects like never before.

What use cases can you think of ?


Confidential questionnaires. Those who will provide more information about the psychology of web3 users. All branches of psychology will want these investigations. Web3 identity attributes can only give a part of the picture. For some reward, users may want to participate in these surveys that will generate a picture of the psychological needs of web3 users. And their personal identity will remain unrelated to this research on collective needs and expectations. I mean humane scientific research…

There are several potential use cases for the Oasis Privacy Layer that could benefit from its privacy-preserving technology. Here are a few examples:

  1. Voting and Elections: The Oasis Privacy Layer can enable privacy-preserving voting and elections for DAOs, political parties, and other organizations. This can help ensure that the voting process is fair and transparent, without revealing individual votes to the public.
  2. Financial Transactions: The Oasis Privacy Layer can be used to provide privacy for financial transactions, including peer-to-peer payments, remittances, and crowdfunding. This can help protect sensitive financial information from prying eyes and prevent fraud.
  3. Supply Chain Management: The Oasis Privacy Layer can help protect sensitive information in supply chain management, including trade secrets, proprietary data, and supplier relationships. This can help prevent theft, counterfeiting, and other forms of fraud.
  4. Gaming: The Oasis Privacy Layer can enable privacy-preserving gaming, such as secret bidding in auctions, private card games, and anonymous betting. This can help prevent cheating and collusion and ensure that gaming is fair for all players.
  5. Personal Data Protection: The Oasis Privacy Layer can be used to protect personal data on the blockchain, such as medical records, identity information, and other sensitive data. This can help ensure that personal data is kept confidential and secure.

Overall, the Oasis Privacy Layer has the potential to bring privacy and security to a wide range of use cases on the blockchain and could be particularly useful for dApps on popular EVM chains that require additional privacy features.

Confidential research and development:

The Oasis privacy layer can be used to protect confidential research and development data for businesses and organizations, such as intellectual property, patents, and trade secrets. This can help prevent data leaks and maintain a competitive advantage.

Private and confidential smart contract execution:

The Oasis privacy layer can be used to enable the execution of private and confidential smart contracts for businesses and organizations, such as financial transactions, supply chain management, and legal agreements.

Can’t wait to learn more about OPL and see the usecases. I hope we can get a big name to implement it soon!

My favorite usecases specifically for OPL so far are confidential DAO voting and hiding confidential game logic. But super excited to see more, especially for DeFi applications.

Here are some other potential use cases for the Oasis Privacy Layer and Sapphire:

  1. Identity management: The Oasis Privacy Layer can help to securely manage and protect personal identity information, such as passports, birth certificates, and social security numbers.

  2. Voting: The Oasis Privacy Layer can be used to securely and anonymously record votes in elections or other types of decision-making processes.

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It would be awesome to finally see a voting system that can be fully trusted. So we can once and for all eliminate accusations/doubt about voting-fraud.