Return of the LoT - Sneak peak of upcoming season on special edition of Discord Community Call

League of Thrones - Oasis Network Web3 Strategy Game

Gamers, rejoice. LoT is back with another high-octane season. For the uninitiated, LoT stands for League of Thrones, one of the most exciting web3 games out there. It is an absolute treat to play, especially for all the lovers of simulation games.

Oasis blue-chip NFT holders can participate with their own NFTs fashioned by LoT-style stable diffusion AI and battle it out for top honors. In true Oasis style, all gaming logic/media/data are stored on the blockchain, which enables actions to be easily verifiable, while keeping the gaming ecosystem decentralized.

To mark the occasion of the new season launch, Oasis has invited LoT founder Mike Lee for a special edition of Community Call on the Discord stage channel on Friday, July 7 at 3 pm UTC. Mike will give out more details about the exciting new season. This just cannot be missed whether you are an avid LoT gamer or a new participant who generally digs simulation games. See you there!


I’m pleasantly surprised to hear that we have second Community Call this week! I’m genuinely intrigued to learn more about LoT. See you there!

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What makes LoT even more enticing is that Oasis blue-chip NFT holders can participate in the game using their own NFTs created with LoT-style stable diffusion AI. Players can battle it out for top honors, and with Oasis’s blockchain technology, all gaming logic, media, and data are stored on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and decentralization within the gaming ecosystem.

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