Join us on June 8th for our Community Town Hall!

:loudspeaker: The Oasis Community Town Hall is back everyone!

:rocket: Join us to learn about the latest updates for the Oasis Network, team, & ecosystem

:star_struck: Including in-depth overviews of the Oasis Privacy Layer, the Privacy4Web3 Hackathon, & autonomous computing with Enshrine Computing

:date: June 8th, 10AM EST

:point_down: Register Below


Canโ€™t wait! Most exciting part of every quarter is right around the corner. Cya there!

We have all been waiting for updates on the P4W3 hackathon. Plus the session with Enshrine promises to be very interesting. And if they have a new demo dApp for OPL, that would be so cool. Have registered already. Zoom slots are limited, so hurry up if you havenโ€™t already. But if you miss somehow, you can still be part of the community townhall - it will also be live-streamed on YouTube.