Gaming on Oasis Network?

I keep playing blockchain cuties, Imps kingdom and sometime I check Garlies discord to see if there will be any new missions.
Have you tried some game? Do you keep playing it daily?


I definitely have been playing It is fun


I played blockchain cuties… and i must tell you that the game is so addictive and i cant have enough of it. I hope one day some new features would be added to it.


I tried those three games. Also, I’m waiting for the continuation of the Garlies game.
Cuties are intriguing, but need more opportunities to develop gameplay strategies and items to purchase on Emerald.


Tho I don’t play it daily, I enjoy every bit of it any time I play :blush:


As many of you know I was playing the Garlies, now the Garlies was stopped because Team didnt found the needed funding to develop the project properly. Im really sad about it. This games deserve more… Should Oasis send them some help?

Blockchain Cuties really a fun game and i really love it

Has anyone here tried Fair Gaming Protocol’s Fair Fight game?
There was a demo about it in recent Oasis stream.

Blockchain cuties is the best for me

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Great to see games on Oasis!
Hoping that they don’t stop creating new missions.
Sad to see what happened to The Garlies…
Hope it gets resolved soon since there was so much support from Oasis for them to launch.

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Still waiting for someone to join my 20 rose bet :smiley:

Oasis should not help.
The Garlies were wrong to price the NFT so excessively.
They missed a great opportunity to grow, people thought they just wanted to raise money.
Overpriced. 1500 Rose.

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In the beginning, I was thinking that. But after trying the game, I was going convincing me that the project deserves the price. Maybe it sounds unbelievable cuz 1500 ROSE in a bull run was around 500 € more or less, but the thing is that the team needs the funding right now and now 1500 ROSE its around 100 $ the same that we paid for an Oasis Ape. So I’m not regretted purchasing one Garlie weeks ago. In the end, the project is going to be set on Stand by until more funding is done, and the team is thinking to refund holders for inconvenience. Who knows when we can enjoy again The Gariles…

I didnt try this game yet. Where I can try it?

I think you are so good playing the game right now and no way to beat you… So I will wait… :smiley:

They were not realistic with the market situation and the community they had. They could have lowered the price since they had an Oasis grant.

Anyway I hope they can finish the game soon.

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Had fun playing the games. Although I don’t regularly login, i still check them out once in a while

What are the games already working on mainnet?

You can find the community projects here, including P2E games, such as the Garlies.

Blockchain cuties is a good one.I play sometimes and have a lot of fun!