Sapphire ParaTime and why it is so cool

One of the most impressive aspects of Sapphire is that it allows for selective data sharing. This means that users can choose which pieces of their data they want to share with others, and which pieces they want to keep private. For example, a user could choose to share their age and location with a social media platform, but keep their personal messages and photos encrypted and private.

Another example of how Sapphire can be used is in the healthcare industry. Medical records are highly sensitive and contain a lot of personal information. With Sapphire, patients could share their medical records with doctors and hospitals while still maintaining complete control over who can access their data. This would allow for better healthcare outcomes without sacrificing privacy.

Sapphire can also be used in the financial industry. Banks and other financial institutions collect a lot of sensitive data from their customers, including account numbers, transaction histories, and personal information. By using Sapphire, financial institutions could encrypt this data and give users more control over who can access it. This would help protect against fraud and data breaches.

Overall, Sapphire is a powerful tool that can be used in a wide variety of applications to help maintain privacy and security. Its selective data sharing capabilities allow users to share only the information they want to share, while keeping the rest of their data encrypted and secure. With Sapphire, developers can build dApps that protect user privacy and give users greater control over their personal data.

You can find out more about sapphire on Oasis’ official blog: Sapphire: The Industry-First Confidential EVM ParaTime


The Oasis Network provides a privacy layer for Web3. :+1: