Summer key Partnerships and Integration Update

Some thrilling updates about Oasis and its recent integrations in 2023 are here! These collaborations are revolutionizing Web3 and bringing enhanced privacy to the forefront. Let’s take a quick look at what’s been happening!

Covalent, the industry-leading API provider, has teamed up with Oasis, enabling Sapphire developers to leverage powerful data tools for building confidential and high-performance applications. With granular runtime data and decentralized redundancy, developers can gain valuable insights and enhance their productivity on Oasis.

Chainstack, known for its enterprise-grade infrastructure, now supports Oasis, making it effortless for anyone in Web3 to launch and run an Oasis Sapphire node. With fast node deployment and a user-friendly dashboard, builders on Oasis can focus on creating innovative applications without the hassle.

Gnosis Safe, the popular multi-signature wallet, has partnered with Oasis to reinforce security measures on the Sapphire runtime. With multi-signature functionality, user security features, and full customization options, Gnosis Safe adds an extra layer of protection to the Oasis ecosystem. and Oasis have been collaborating since 2020 to create an AI network that respects data privacy. With contributor consent, confidential NFTs backed by AI avatars, and third-party transparency, unlocks new possibilities while ensuring privacy.

Enshrine Computing, in partnership with Oasis, is driving the shift towards an Autonomous Web 4. By combining trusted execution environments (TEEs) with autonomous computing, this collaboration enables privacy-preserving data processing, personalized learning environments, ethical advertising, and AI-driven DeFi.

Celer Network has integrated its Interchain Messaging (IM) framework with Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL). This integration empowers projects on any connected EVM network to incorporate confidential computation. Builders and users can enjoy fast, secure, and low-cost cross-chain functionality on Oasis.

These integrations lay the foundation for Oasis to become the privacy layer for Web3. They empower developers, users, and creators to build privacy-focused, interoperable dApps for any use case. The future looks bright for Oasis in 2023!


An extraordinary six months at Oasis. When at the start of the year, We had Sapphire launched recently, and OPL was more of a concept than functionality, We were hoping for great things. And now it’s here. Each of these collaborations is heavily drawing on Sapphire features for greater utility. The two that most stand out for me are Celer IM integration which will boost OPL with a cross-chain message passing bridge and Enshrine, which will use Oasis’ confidential computing capabilities and level it up with its own autonomous computing functions.

Wow, these are indeed thrilling updates about Oasis and its recent integrations in 2023!

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Another partnership that has been happening behind the scene is Oasis and Devpost for the upcoming P4W3 hackathon to be launched during the Oasis Rendezvous during EthCC Paris on July 19. I am really stoked that Celer will be present on one of the key panels at the special event.

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