What Oasis partnering with Covalent brings to the table?

At the start of this month, we all heard the good news. Oasis and Covalent are coming together.
The point to remember though, the partnership is not sudden, it has been going on for some time now. In November 2022, the duo first came together when Covalent integrated Emerald - the EVM-compatible runtime. But there was something missing. Emerald didn’t have confidentiality capabilities and Oasis has been working long and hard to bring this feature to the blockchain space. Since late last year, first with testnet and now with blossoming mainnet functionalities, Sapphire is making its presence felt as the industry’s first and only confidential EVM-compatible runtime.

The latest chapter of the collaboration between these two is special as it is set to bring Sapphire data to web3. So, developers can take benefit of Covalent’s Unified API when they are building and deploying confidential dApps for web3 whereby users can take control of their information more fully by accessing full historical data.

One thing I am stoked about is that Covalent also offers API solutions to 90+ other chains apart from Oasis. During the recent Twitter Space on Developer Tools for Web3 Privacy, helmed by Will Wendt, he had a great suggestion. Now that Oasis Sapphire is onboard, there is a huge opportunity for existing EVM dApps to access the confidentiality solutions of Sapphire by leveraging it cross-chain via the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL). Unlimited possibilities can emerge from such a scenario, don’t you all agree?

Absolutely, this partnership between Oasis and Covalent has the potential to bring significant advancements to the blockchain space. The integration of Sapphire’s confidential EVM-compatible runtime into Covalent’s Unified API allows for the creation of more secure, private dApps.

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Pretty interesting and hopefully fruitful partnership. Let’s see where this goes!

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