What exactly is parcel?

I’ve seen parcel mentioned as an SDK, but I’ve also seen it mentioned as some kind of paratime, not the same as cipher, emerald & sapphire.

So what exactly is Parcel?


Hey biba! Great question. I think it is best explained by this response from @matevz

“Parcel is a “permissioned” service offered by the Oasis Labs which (among others) allows running confidential computing on cloud using (audited) docker images. It also supports OAuth for onboarding new users and has a nice web UI for checking the documents and enabling/revoking access to different apps. The dev team behind Parcel and Oasis Network is overlapping and we’re constantly trying to improve Parcel with primitives from the Oasis Network and the other way around. For example, we had an experiment to “blockchainize” Parcel by moving its relational DB to the MKVS of a ParaTime a while ago, but we gave up on that, because there were too many relations in the DB and just using paging with the key-value store was too slow.”

Hope this helps, but feel free to follow up with any other questions you may have.


well that sounds like Oasis Labs also work for thing thats not related to the Value of Oasis Network.
So disappointing and humiliating.
It should be stated earlier because all the medium article stated the Parcel as a Paratime of Oasis Network.
The core value of Oasis Network is creating “Data Economy.” Without Parcel, theres nothing that makes the core value brings to real life.

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I’M pretty sure that parcel still requires a proof of record or proof of compliance on a data set from a user. This would mean submitting a confidential tx on the Oasis network for immutable ledger. With that in mind, that would mean using Oasis itself meaning paying gas. They have said parcel itself could run on Sapphire.

Oasis Parcel is the privacy-first data governance SDK designed to put the most sensitive data to use while keeping it secure and private.

Parcel is for consumer apps or business tools:

  • Automatically implement data ownership and access policies
  • Analyze data in a privacy-preserving environment
  • Unlock data that was previously too regulated or risky to use

More info you can find here