Announcing the Privacy4Web3 Hackathon! 📢

Web3 needs privacy that is customizable, cross-chain, and easily accessible to both users and developers. Oasis is pushing the limits on what is possible with privacy in crypto with the Oasis Privacy Layer, and we want you to join us.

The Privacy4Web3 hackathon is an invitation for builders to experiment and innovate with the Oasis Privacy Layer to build privacy-enabled applications and tooling.

What to Build?

A familiar EVM development environment with added confidentiality opens up a new world of opportunities for builders and Solidity developers across EVM networks.

  • If you have already built a dApp on an EVM network (e.g. Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, etc.), please join the hackathon as adding privacy with OPL might help improve your product/user experience.

  • If you’re interested in building a brand new privacy-enabled dApp on Sapphire, you’re also welcome to join.

Some ideas we would like to see in the Hackathon include, but are not limited to:

Governance/DAO Tooling using OPL

  • Secret ballot tools offering functionality beyond the starter repo.


  • Let’s bring more game logic on-chain using OPL!

  • Build engaging, captivating games that utilize the Sapphire RNG.

  • Any other creative application of OPL for games.

SBT’s/Verified Credentials

  • Create an application that leverages SBTs/verified credentials using OPL


  • NFT fractional/hidden ownership.

  • Data privacy [for NFTs and associated off-chain data] using OPL for key management.


  • The sky’s the limit! Surprise us!

Register below :point_down:


Best wishes for you.

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