Join our Privacy Layer For Web3 - Developer Workshop at ETHDenver

Do you want to add confidentiality to your dApps on any EVM network?

Do you want to have the flexibility to build smart contracts that can be fully public or fully confidential or anywhere in between on that spectrum?

We invite all developers attending ETHDenver’s #BuidlWeek to join our workshop on Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at 9AM to learn how the simple-to-integrate, UX-friendly Oasis Privacy Layer can be helpful.

Join us for a morning of workshops, discussion, and networking. Meet other Solidity developers and privacy advocates pushing Web3 forward.

During the workshop, you’ll learn how the Oasis Privacy Layer extends an opportunity for all dApps, on all EVM networks to add confidentiality to smart contracts, and see a demo of OPL in action! Seats are limited so register below.

Reserve your spot today :point_down:


I have made concrete plans not just to be in attendance but also to invite friends & family


I really congratulate the OASIS team who work in every field. We will do whatever we can to develop and advance this ecosystem.

The people who will be there are very lucky. I hope you have fun, enjoy and exchange lots of ideas. Enjoy.