Announcing the winners for the Privacy4Web3 Hackathon!

The time has come: We’re thrilled to announce the Privacy4Web3 Hackathon winners!

Across four categories, twelve projects were chosen from a pool of outstanding submissions

Best app on Sapphire: Secret Bids, Treasure Hunt, Fair Fight :trophy:
Secret Bids is an on-chain privacy-preserving auction platform
Treasure Hunt is a hide/search P2P game
Fair Fight is a decentralized P2P game centered around clear, simple mechanics

Best app on the Oasis Privacy Layer: Secret Sponsor, Sapphire Confidential, Fibarium :trophy:
Secret Sponsor enables anonymous gas-sponsoring
Sapphire Confidential enables users to make their transactions private
Fibarium enables the secure storage of on-chain identities

Best use of Sapphire: Wallet Abstraction & Encryption, CuriSapphire, Rose Derby :trophy:
Wallet A & E provides a simple way for non-Sapphire users to benefit from Smart Privacy
CuriSapphire empowers medical users with Smart Privacy
Rose Derby is a Web3 horse betting game

Tutorials and Standards: RPC3, DSearch, Spacetar :trophy:
RPC3 is a proof-of-concept for decentralized remote procedure calls
DSearch is a private, decentralized, & distributed search engine
Spacetar is a SocialFi dApp that allows users to earn rewards via community participation