Exciting Developments in the Oasis Network Ecosystem: A Roundup for April 2023

It’s been an exciting time for the network as it continues to grow and mature. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the latest developments and upcoming events in the Oasis ecosystem.

First off, we have the recent release of Oasis Core 22.2.7 for mainnet. This update brings a number of enhancements, including a move of the halt epoch configuration to be per-node, which provides more flexibility and control for node operators. All node operators on mainnet are encouraged to upgrade to the latest release to improve the performance and security of the network.

In addition, Kiln, a leading validator on the Oasis Network, has been selected by companies like Ledger, Binance, and Metamask to develop and enhance their staking offerings. This is a great development for the ecosystem, as it makes staking ROSE tokens more accessible and user-friendly for a wider range of stakeholders.

Looking ahead, there are several upcoming events and initiatives to be excited about. On April 18th, there will be an APY reduction for ROSE staking, so it’s important to act fast and stake your tokens before the deadline. The Oasis Foundation is also planning to launch a grant program to support developers building on the network, which is a great opportunity for talented individuals to make a meaningful impact.

Moreover, the Oasis Network is set to participate in the upcoming ETHDenver hackathon, which will take place from April 22nd to 24th. This presents a great opportunity for developers to showcase their skills and build innovative applications on the network.

Lastly, the Oasis Network has also partnered with several leading blockchain companies to explore new use cases and expand the ecosystem. Partnerships with firms like Chainlink and Polygon demonstrate the network’s growing prominence and potential for real-world applications.

In conclusion, the Oasis Network ecosystem is thriving and full of exciting developments. With new updates, partnerships, and initiatives on the horizon, the future looks bright for the network and its community. Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to take advantage of the opportunities available to get involved and make an impact.


The Oasis Hackathon is undoubtedly one of the most high-profile events taking place in April 2023. With the focus on building innovative applications on the network, this hackathon presents a great opportunity for developers to showcase their skills and contribute to the growth of the ecosystem.

Privacy4Web3 Hackathon is the official page for the event, where interested individuals can find all the details they need to participate. From the schedule to the rules, participants can access everything they need to know about the hackathon and stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments.

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Hackathons are great events that bring together developers from around the world to collaborate, learn from each other, and build innovative applications on a given platform. The Oasis Hackathon is no exception, and it’s an exciting opportunity for developers to get involved in the growing Oasis ecosystem.

Definitely! Many times, innovation comes from said hackathons, so let’s see :wink:

It’s fantastic to see the Oasis Network ecosystem flourishing with new updates, partnerships, and events. The release of Oasis Core 22.2.7 and Kiln’s collaboration with major companies like Ledger, Binance, and Metamask will surely strengthen the network and make it more accessible to users. I’m particularly excited about the upcoming grant program for developers and the ETHDenver hackathon participation, as these initiatives will encourage innovation and growth. Kudos to the entire Oasis team and community for their continued efforts in pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology.

You can see the enormous potential of the oasis network