Oasis Web Wallet Improvements

Updates 1.5 & 1.6 were released, packed with new features in a new domain at wallet.oasis.io.

Recently, I shared my thoughts on what could be improved in the wallet in this Twitter thread:

  • Rewards
    For staking enthusiasts: adding a column to “Active delegations” to show the rewards received from different validators. So for a quick check of the accrued rewards, users can visit oasismonitor.com and also have this data at hand in their wallet.

  • Multiple accounts
    Now, users must mark the accounts they wish to open upon entering the wallet. It may be helpful to focus the user’s attention on this feature when they select accounts.

  • Delegating
    After delegating tokens, the field for entering the number of tokens to delegate is not cleared. This can be confusing for users and make them think that the transaction failed.

  • Unstaking process
    It would be great to add a note on what “gigashares” are when delegators unstake their tokens. The amount of shares represents the proportion of the delegator’s stake in the staking pool and is less than the delegated amount, and this can cause confusion.

Note: For each proposal in the thread, you can find screenshots of the corresponding pages

I encourage you to share your ideas and thoughts for the next upgrade in the replies


It would be great if an iOS or Android app came out​:fire::fire:

If you want an conatant updated wallet focused on privacy and keeping your assets secure.

Oasis the here for that!

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the recent updates to the Oasis Wallet. Your suggestions are constructive and will likely help improve the user experience for many. Here’s my take on your points:

  1. Rewards: Displaying rewards received from different validators in the “Active delegations” column is a great idea. It will indeed provide users with quick access to their accrued rewards and make it easier to track their staking performance.
  2. Multiple accounts: Drawing users’ attention to the feature of selecting accounts upon entering the wallet is a valid point. A simple onboarding tutorial or a one-time tooltip might help users understand this functionality better and ensure they utilize it effectively.
  3. Delegating: Clearing the field for entering the number of tokens to delegate after the transaction is executed would indeed prevent confusion. Implementing this change should be relatively straightforward and would improve the user experience.
  4. Unstaking process: Adding a note explaining “gigashares” and their relation to the delegated amount would be helpful for users, especially those who are new to staking and might not be familiar with the terminology. This clarification could be provided through a tooltip or a brief description beside the term to ensure users fully understand the unstaking process.

I appreciate your proactive approach to sharing these suggestions, and I encourage other community members to contribute their ideas as well. As we work together to refine the wallet, we can help the Oasis Network grow and succeed.

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The Oasis online wallet feature update is quite good, and no errors have been found so far

Can’t wait for this! :grin: :grin:

Thanks to these features, users will be able to manage their wallets better!

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Additional features, additional things to experience in the Web Wallet. These new features are interesting especially the optimization in the rewards part and the ability to switch to the wallets they use.

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i am using wallet. mobile wallet working good and also good to know that you guys take care about improvements

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