ICYMI, Oasis recently put out their 2022 review highlighting their key milestones and accomplishments πŸš€

2022, from an industry point of view was not a smooth sailing but the blogpost showcases the commitment Oasis has in building in building a better Internet for everyone in Web3 :heart_hands:

2023 will be bigger and better :rose::saluting_face:

PS. Happy holidays everyone :tada:


It feels like Bloom hackathon was yesterday, but almost whole year passed since :open_mouth:
Happy holidays Vinay & co!

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Agree. We all seem to lose the notion of time when contributing to this space :face_with_peeking_eye:

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The provided link discusses the highlights of the year 2022 for Oasis Protocol Project. The article presents several pros and cons of the developments that took place during the year.


Successful launch of the Oasis Network’s ParaTime, which is a high-performance blockchain that allows developers to build and deploy decentralized applications (DApps) with high throughput and low fees.
Introduction of several developer tools, including the Oasis SDK and the Oasis Core API, which make it easier for developers to build on the Oasis Network.
Integration with several DeFi projects, such as Anchor Protocol and Raydium, which expands the utility of the Oasis Network.
Collaboration with several enterprises and organizations, including Binance, Chainlink, and the Web3 Foundation, which increases the visibility and credibility of the Oasis Network.

Limited adoption and usage of the Oasis Network, which is still a relatively new blockchain platform and faces competition from established players like Ethereum.
Concerns about the centralization of the network due to the dominance of a few large validators.
Regulatory risks and uncertainties in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.
Based on the information in the link, three important questions are:

How does the Oasis Network plan to address the issue of centralization and increase decentralization in the network?
What steps is the Oasis Protocol Project taking to increase the adoption and usage of the Oasis Network among developers and users?
How does the Oasis Network plan to navigate the regulatory landscape and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations?